Welsh Castles Relay 2018, Veterans Team Winners!

2018-06-10, Comments

Castles Relay 2011, Brecon

Seven years ago I ran my first Welsh Castles Relay, completing the mountain stage out of Brecon. This photo is a reminder not all June weekends are hot and dry. My fingers were so cold at the finish I couldn’t untie my shoe laces. That year we won the Monarch of the Mountains prize, awarded to the veterans team completing the 6 designated mountain stages in the quickest total time. It’s a prize we’ve won a few times since but I’ve never been in a team which won the overall competition.

Welsh Castles relay 2018, Veterans Team winners

This year, 2018, we put out a strong team. Even when — inevitably, for a veterans team — people dropped out with injury, substitutes leapt forward to accept the challenge. Yesterday I ran stage 7, a mountain stage where the tough part is actually the downhill. By the end of the day we’d gained a lead of almost 20 minutes over our closest rivals, Team Bath AC.

Today that lead was consolidated with some gutsy runs in sweltering heat, and we finished the 20 stage race in a time of 23 hours and 30 minutes — 30 minutes ahead of Team Bath AC.

A superb result! This feels special.