Urbanized Typeface

2009-03-31, , Comments

Urbanized Typeface PV (Complete ver) from yang02 on Vimeo.

My thanks to Christian Neukirchen for pointing me at the Urbanized Typeface font from his always excellent Trivium blog. Just lovely. Nice bike too.

There are many fonts named as the city name inside the machintosh PC. Almost these are made by Apple Co., Ltd. The reason why the city name is just quite image of characters shape or the place where the person lives who made the font. So there is no reality or necessity. Then I made the font that has a reality greatly named “Shibuya2008”. Which each characters shape are made according to the figure of the city Shibuya, Tokyo. First, I was running around Shibuya with a GPS data logger by bicycle. The running course was the shape of font characters. The GPS logger recorded global positions once per a second as a data of number. By doing so, I made all of characters (A~Z, numbers and symbols). The characters are no existence but quite huge. Then I was converted to GPS’s digital data into vector data(.pdf) by using a programming. Each figure of characters are imported to software of font and finally these are became a useful font completely and also it has a reality. My main subject of making is researching “graffiti”. Also cityfont project is one of a reseach about graffiti. I always aim to catch the essence of graffiti through my own work. — Takahiro Yamaguchi (Yang02)