Triathlon - not for spectators

2010-06-25, Comments

Gower Triathon

So, I’ve been to see a triathlon. Certainly the event impressed me. Equally it left me in no hurry to participate. The combination of three disciplines and punishing weather conditions exposed endurance athletes as stubborn masochists. Why would anyone do that to themselves? As Richard’s acerbic blog entry Triathlon — more boring on TV than Handball? points out, a triathlon boils down to averages and costume changes. However, as lima comments:

you people are so damn stupid. have any of you ever done a triathlon???? I doubt! So please shut the f… up!!!!

The Gower Triathlon goes right past my house. It’s a popular event, so popular, in fact, that when Mike told me about it they’d already sold out; but when I checked the website I found they’d just allocated 100 more places. I took that as a sign and signed up. Only a month to go now. I can cycle and run, and I reckon I can cycle and then run. It’s the swimming and transitions which scare me. I’m off to watch the Mumbles triathlon tomorrow morning and see how it’s done.