The Wake’s Progress


The Wake's Progress

Martin Fey’s new play, “The Wake’s Progress” premiered at the Alma Tavern Theatre on Wednesday. If I’m honest, I was there out of loyalty to Steve, who plays Sgt. Kennedy, and who rents a room to me for the two nights a week I’m in Bristol. It turns out I was lucky to get a ticket. It’s a spirited farce which mixes some traditional ingredients:

  • a corpse
  • a coffin
  • a nun
  • a porn star
  • a policeman
  • dodgy Irish accents
  • egregious puns
  • George Clooney
  • identical twins
  • mistaken identity
  • a golf course

I hadn’t been to the Alma Theatre before. It’s a great little venue. I walked away humming “Tie me kangaroo down sport, Tie me kangaroo down …”