The Hobbit

2009-03-02, Comments

I can’t think of many books which feature a burglar as a hero, but then Bilbo Baggins makes a rather reluctant hero — for much of the story he finds himself wondering why everyone makes such a fuss about adventures, and wishing he were back at home in his comfortable hobbit hole with its well-stocked pantries.

The Hobbit cover

“The Hobbit” is a book I was read, as a child. I can clearly remember my parents’ edition of the book, with its dark cover and yellowing pages. My mother tells me that was when I started to read for myself: one evening I just couldn’t wait to hear what happened next, so I didn’t.

Cover of first edition of The Hobbit

And now I’ve just finished reading it to my own children. With its riddles, songs and last-gasp escapes, it reads aloud beautifully. We’ve all thoroughly enjoyed it.