TdF 2010, Stage 9, dancing climbers

2010-07-13, , , Comments

The best climbers seem to dance up the slopes and today, on the Madeleine, two of the very best performed a wonderful pas de deux. Schleck flashed, Contador darted. The elastic between them pinged and sang. Might their rivals not take advantage of this energy-sapping flirtation? What rivals! A gruelling stage had already unravelled them. Contador and Schleck stopped playing and chased home. The race is between them now.

“If I attacked one more time I would have dropped myself,” said Andy Schleck afterwards, but he looked as if he’d just stepped out of the shower after a good night’s sleep, rather than completed a mountain stage of the world’s toughest race. Bring on the Pyrenees. Contador is too classy a rider to win the tour in a time trial. He’s getting stronger. Watch him attack!