Sports Review of 2006

2007-01-16, Comments

Before we get too far into 2007, I’d like to post my sporting review of 2006: Rubbish!

You know something’s gone very wrong if a princess on a pony collects the BBC sports personality of the year — and how wrong it went.

England had a fantastic chance in the World Cup. What a fabulous collection of players. What a useless team. What a ridiculous manager. We blew it. None of the other teams in the competition was on form. It was a truly mediocre competition which we should have walked away with.

If the World Cup was miserable, the Tour de France was farcical. And in Armstrong’s absence, what a competition we could have had. Could Jan Ullrich regain the title he took in 1997, after so many years of coming second, third and fourth? And what about Ivan Basso? Neither of them even started — dropped by their team following doping allegations. I was so disgusted I didn’t bother following the race. Noone is even sure who’s won: it turns out the hero who wore yellow on the Champs-Élysées also failed a doping test during the course of the race.