Say no to noisy popcorn!

2008-08-10, , , Comments

An article in today’s Observer says:

It’s ‘The End’ for popcorn at the movies

A growing number of cinemas are barring the snack because it is too downmarket and messy.

I can cope with downmarket and I’m tolerant of mess — it’s the noise which bugs me.

Bag of popcorn

On holiday last week, on one of those days when the rain didn’t stop, we went to see what was on at the Savoy Cinema in Penzance. They were showing WALL-E, a film I’d not heard of and which, on the face of it, I would happily have avoided, but one Alex seemed to know all about. He was keen. We paid up and traipsed in.

I enjoyed it. For a big budget film, it was suprisingly radical. For the first hour or so there wasn’t a single spoken word; the story unfolded through images and sounds (bleeps, squeaks, taps, snatches of music, the sound of a computer booting up, etc.) alone.

Unfortunately the family behind us were scoffing popcorn served up in large and crinkly paper bags. The noise distracted me. But it’s hard asking people to finish their snack before watching a film when the snack is served in the cinema foyer specifically to be taken in to accompany the show.