Plinth Project, by Rob

2010-11-10, Comments

Vacant plinth, ready for installation

I arrived at the museum at 17:30 as usual. There was Rob in the entrance foyer, arranging chairs and looking rather hassled. I said hello but he obviously didn’t have time so I went upstairs and drew some stuffed birds.


All seemed under control when I came back downstairs so I said hello again. The new sculpture on the plinth: that was his. Congratulations, I said. Wow! When’s it being unveiled? Well, now, he said. Stop for a drink.

I picked up a leaflet. The plinth sculpture is called “Under Construction Forever”. If you visit you’ll see it taking shape — under construction. I wonder if he’ll keep working on it, now it’s installed? I hadn’t realised Rob was Robert Manners, artist and curator, and I hadn’t seen his work in a while. It’s superb.

SSR S3 Acrylic and metal on canvas and wood 31x40cm 2010