New shoes and pedals

2008-09-04, , , Comments

Last time I went to the velodrome I decided I needed proper cycle shoes — ones which attach directly to the pedals, I mean. The fact that I’m heading off to cycle in the Alps in a couple of weeks gave me extra motivation to invest in a pair.

It turns out it is isn’t quite as easy as going into a shop and spending some money. You need to work out what exactly you want to buy.

A track bike needs a more extreme type of shoe and pedal: the shoe is stiff, its connection with the pedal solid — it’s all about maximum transfer of power. The same goes for road racing. You can’t walk far in road/track shoes. Different priorities apply to mountain-biking, cycle touring and more casual sport use: you need to be able to detach yourself easily and walk around comfortably.

Broadly speaking, there are two main attachment systems, one designed for road- and track-racing, and one better suited for mountain biking: but once you’ve settled which one of these to go for, you have a continuum of choice; road shoes which fit to mountain-bike style pedals, pedals with a cleated side and a flat side, etc. I decided to go for the popular Shimano SPD system — I wanted shoes I could walk in.

I’m ashamed to admit that I went into the bicycle shops at the top and bottom of Park Street, looked at what they had, asked advice, checked prices, then made my actual purchase online. I’d like to support the local shop, but they were asking for almost twice as much money as a deal I found online (really!): a difference so large I didn’t have the nerve to ask if they could match my internet price.

1 x MT31 Shoes - Size 42 @ £32.99 = £32.99
1 x M520 SPD Pedals - PDM 520 Pedals - Black @ £17.49 = £17.49
Shipping Ex VAT  = £0.00
Shipping Inc VAT = £0.00
Discounts = £5.05
Total Ex VAT     = £38.66
Total Inc VAT    = £45.43
Total UKP        = £45.43 (your card will be charged in UKP)

Ordered Monday, dispatched Tuesday, arrived Wednesday (morning), fitted Wednesday (evening), used Thursday.