King of the Puddings

2009-07-26, Comments

Bradley Wiggins is poised to finish fourth in the Tour de France yellow jersey competition in a couple of hours, equal best place ever for a British rider. What will he be doing immediately after getting off his bike?

As soon as the Tour is finished, my wife Cath is going to tie me up and force-feed me cake. — Bradley Wiggins

Brad may have proved himself a fine road racer but he trails Matthew Barker in cake consumption by some way. Here’s a photo of Matt tackling a category 1 cream tea; a feat unremarkable in itself, but bear in mind that it’s 11:00 in the morning and we’re about to climb Cheddar Gorge. Some dessert!

King of the Puddings

Matt didn’t complete one of the cakes but he destroyed the competition before it had even started. And he still nipped across the road to the sweet shop for some pick and mix fudge.

Sadly I have no photo of the hors catégorie lemon meringue pie Matt attacked two years ago in Carmarthen, but the memory lives on.

Today’s route:

  • start on the Clifton side of the suspension bridge
  • head out to Clevedon, admire the pier
  • across the flatlands to Yatton
  • Strawberry Line cycle track to Cheddar
  • Refreshments
  • Up Cheddar Gorge and over the hill to Chew Valley Lake
  • Follow the Avon Cycleway through Pensford to Saltford
  • Back home along the Bath to Bristol cycle track.

Recommended. The Strawberry Line is rough going in places, and has those annoying speed restriction gate things every so often. And don’t lose your way after the lake like we did.