Go Ape!

2008-10-12, Comments

You have to be at least 10 years old to swing by for some free time at Go Ape! so what better present for Cai’s 10th birthday? What with one thing and another it wasn’t until today that we — 2 gorillas and 2 baboons — actually made it across to the Go Ape! course at Mallards Pike Lake in the Forest of Dean. During the morning the autumn mist cleared away and by the time we’d completed a short training session the sun shone through the trees.


We thoroughly enjoyed it. The course was great, both longer and tougher than I expected, and, following some clear instructions on safe attach-detach procedures, you were free to traverse it on your own. Highlights: the Tarzan swing and the final zip slide (which Fynn is about to descend in the picture below).