Dawes Galaxy rolls on



Just over twenty years ago I bought a second hand Dawes Super Galaxy from a shop in London. At the time I worked in the West End and lived near Turnpike Lane. The bike was my way of escaping from tiresome underground journeys. Since then, the bike has covered many many miles, though London, the West Country and even Orange County. I’ve used it for commuting, road riding and touring. It’s light, comfortable, and fast.


Moving parts have been replaced, trued up or rebuilt, until about five years ago when I ceased maintenance and started riding the bike into the ground. When the chain inevitably snapped in 2006, leaving me on the road and with a bruise which over the next few days spread from one side of my thigh to the other, I reluctantly gave up on the old tourer and bought a new Trek Pilot 120.

It’s taken me another couple of years to actually part with the bicycle which, until today, has been quietly rusting in peace in a lean-to in the garden. Within a couple of hours of posting the advert on ebay I had a buyer.