Cycling the Celtic Trail

2007-07-30, , , Comments

I’ve just completed the Celtic Trail with a couple of friends. We got off the train in Fishguard Harbour at one o’clock on Friday and arrived back in Bristol late yesterday afternoon, after 240 miles of riding.


Although the king of the puddings prize was keenly contested, Matt led from the start and never looked like getting caught after that hors catégorie lemon meringue pie in Carmarthen. I claim the pints jersey by default, managing a bottle of Felinfoel double ram in Skrinkle Haven and a pint of Brains in the Bridgend Harvester; the others stuck to lucozade etc. throughout. Owen was similarly unchallenged in the chemical consumption competition after shamelessly ingesting a cocktail of energy and recovery drinks throughout the ride — though he did suggest we might like to try them.

Lessons Learned

  • Chepstow is always 4 miles away.
  • Transporter bridges rock.
  • The righteous austerity of a youth hostel isn’t what you want after a day’s cycling; the anodyne comfort of a holiday inn better fits the bill.
  • If you have a feeling you’re going the wrong way, you’ve been going the wrong way for about five miles.
  • Never get separated from your friends at road junctions near Pontypridd.
  • Cycle routes are great for leisure cycling but A roads are better when you want to get somewhere.
  • Travel light. One bottle of sunscreen will go between three, and similarly for toothpaste.
  • Hunger turns us all into children.
  • Don’t even think of it if you haven’t done some training.
  • Visit Caerphilly.

What’s a transporter bridge?

Newport Transporter Bridge