Cycle theft, cycle parking


Cameron on his bike

He won’t get my vote just for riding a bicycle, but I sympathise with David Cameron whose bike was stolen two days ago:

“I was cycling home and stopped to pick up some things for supper. I chained the bike through the wheel then put it around one of those bollard things. I have reported it using the police’s new online facility but I’m not expecting to get it back any time soon.” James Theophile, 60, spoke to Mr Cameron moments after he emerged from the Tesco store: “It was quite ridiculous of him to lock his bike against such a short post.” —

The car park outside my local Tesco store was redesigned recently and guess how many dedicated cycle parking racks they installed? None. I had to find a way to somehow secure my bike to the edge of the trolley store where it was in the way and at risk of getting damaged. Now they’ve put in a tiny cycle parking area but it’s always full. Quite ridiculous.

A spokesman for Tesco said: “We are very sorry that David’s bike was stolen from outside our store. David’s setting a great example to everyone by using his bike to get around so we’ll make a donation to bicycling charity Sustrans that might help ease his loss.” —

Forget the donation. Set an example and fix your cycle parking facilities!

High profile bike theft makes the news but in my experience Cameron is right to claim it won’t excite the police. Even where I know there’s proper cycle parking I won’t leave my bicycle outside in the evening, let alone overnight. If thieves can’t take the bike they’ll strip what they can from the frame. Have you ever tried wheeling a bike home which has no handlebars and no front wheel?