Chris Hutt, cycling activist, mischievous plumber

2010-03-21, , Comments

Terrible news. Chris Hutt has been found dead at his home @chrishutt. Bristol and cycling has lost such a special man. — @CllrJonRogers, 1:57 AM Mar 21st

Terrible news indeed. I’m shocked and saddened.

I never met Chris myself, but I subscribe to his blog and follow him on twitter. We’ve exchanged emails and tweets.

Chris styled himself as a “grumpy old man about town”, but in reality he contributed much more than moaning. At the start of the year, when the city was gripped by winter, when others complained about the council’s failure to clear the pavements of ice, he and the indomitable Jon Rogers were out shovelling.

The Bristol-Bath cycle path, the foundation of Sustrans, and ultimately the nomination of Bristol 2010 as Britain’s first cycling city — he had a part in all these things, and we will remember him with thanks for this.

What I didn’t realise is that Chris Hutt was also:

… the best plumber in the west. He plumbed in the four fountains on the [Bristol-Bath cycle] route and when the fountain on Castle Green was first installed he plumbed it so red wine came out of one side and orange out of another.

John Grimshaw, Sustrans.

Here’s a photo of that fountain. Isobel and Alex are pretending to be the fish which decorate the frieze on its sides.

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