Aberavon, West Glamorgan League 2017

2017-03-26, Comments

So, the final race of the West Glamorgan League, held on a bright and breezy spring morning on the shimmering expanse of Aberavon beach. Warming up on the firm sand, I quickly figured out there’d be a tough headwind on the return leg of the out-and-back course. This was the fifth and final event of the season: if I ran a good race, I’d finish as the overall V50 champion.


For once, no jostling at the start — there’s plenty of room for everyone on Aberavon beach. Charles Walsh strode out alongside Matt Rees, hurtling towards the dunes.

West Glam 5, Aberavon

On the dunes the sand was powder dry. The air was dry. I was thirsty and weary already. Alan Davies pushed past, light on his feet. We were running alongside a high security fence. Turning left when we reached the river, we were into the midde section of the race. The sand was so soft; my feet slid. Paul Flynn passed me.

At last we were on the wide hard sand of the beach. I remembered Llanmadoc and looked for runners to team with — hoping to form an echelon and attack the headwind — but everyone had spread out. I could see Alan’s red Llanelli vest ahead, too far ahead to catch. Charles Walsh was still up front running strongly.

West Glam 5, Aberavon

The wind whipped up the sand into flurries stinging my eyes and legs. I was making ground on others again, tapping into some energy reserve. I caught up two or three places in the last kilometre, finishing 12th overall.

Although I was first V50, a couple of positions in front of Royston Whitehouse, Alan Davies, V60, had come home in 7th place almost a minute ahead of me. So, whilst I knew I had won the V50 overall title for the 2016/17 season, I wasn’t sure if an older runner had done better than me.

When the final tables were published they confirmed I had finished second in the league overall, behind Matt Rees, just a single point ahead of Alan Davies